Why Working Regeneratively Is (R)evolutionary

Originally published at: Why Working Regeneratively Is (R)evolutionary - Systems Change Alliance

By Daniel Christian Wahl First published in July 2021 by Sustainable Brands (see link) In the autumn of 2018, Walter J. Thompson published a report entitled The New Sustainability: Regeneration. Interest in regenerative development had been building for years and the publication of Designing Regenerative Cultures and Regenerative Development in 2016, The Regenerative Business in 2017 and Regenerative Leadershipin 2019 all contributed to broadening the dialogue about its important contribution. However, it was the W.J. Thompson report and John Elkington’s Green Swans that indicated to me that the regenerative (r)evolution was now rapidly gaining momentum. Already, the legions of consultants who are running the pattern of ‘selling the new’ are archiving…

We need to emphasize “Degrowth” and system change when we speak of Regeneration.