Volunteer Tasks

Volunteer tasks

Arts – Help us research organizations with a focus on arts, musicians and artists focused on social change issues, as well as funding bodies for arts projects, research interesting arts related links to share in social media and write the posts to accompany them, help organize our 2020 Flash Fiction challenge (publicizing, supporting participants) and help organize future arts-related events (either online or in-person).

Alternatives Investigators/Networkers – Help us research and build an open-source database of organizations and initiatives that align with a fair vision of systems change. We would also like a helping hand in reaching out to these organizations to form partnerships of mutual support.

Social media – Help us manage our social media content in order to create a solid online presence. Research interesting and engaging links that align with our vision, help write posts to share our own content, promote our events, manage the posting of material sent by other members of the Future Planet community and help document our in-person events.

Fundraising – Help us research funding opportunities that align with our values and write grant applications.

Event Organization – Become an active part in the organization and planning of our events. We will need help both online, for online events and support with in-person events (participant support, registration databases, event promotion), and on site for in-person events (logistics, participant support, event documentation)

Writing/Blogging – Contribute to our website with your own ideas and written material. If you like to write about topics that align with our sphere of action and would like to have your articles featured, please feel free to send us one or two sample texts for appraisal.

Newsletter – We need someone to help design our newsletter, prepare the content and manage the newsletter outreach.

Finance – If you have financial knowledge skills, we are also in need of aid to help prepare for auditing and non-profit accounting.

Website – If you have IT and/or web design skills, we need help with website maintenance and updates.

Media/Film editing – We are also in need of volunteers with film editing skills to help us prepare our online video content. We already have videos of several talks from our previous conference in February which we would like to make available on the website and we will need help as well for videos of future events.

Strategic Planning – If you have previous experience with project management, and you think that your main contribution could be to input your own ideas together with the rest of the team to brainstorm collectively and devise new projects and events, we can also use your help.

I am participating in this 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge but of course I would like to help in organizing it .I would also like to help if I can organize and participate in future arts-related events . I hope that I can be an active part in the organization and planning on your events , I would of course do my best online and I hope that I visit your events if I have chance . I can design newsletters And I can also help in manage it. As for media editing, I am good at editing and producing video, my help depends on your desire, so if I can do it the way you want, I will be very ready for it. I have no previous project management experience but it would be my pleasure to share my thoughts with the team members and I would be excited for the team to have the best innovation.