The New Economy Movement Comes of Age

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By Michael Towsey  May 2022 The publication of Growing a New Economy by Roar Bjonnes and Caroline Hargreaves[1] was a milestone in the history of Proutist literature because it was the first comprehensive introduction to Prout economics that firmly situated the Proutist agenda within the emerging New Economy Movement. The term New Economy Movement (NEM) is a rather loose description of a growing literature that rejects not just neo-liberalism but also its neoclassical foundations. Neoclassical economics is the orthodox economics taught in virtually all universities since the 1950s and informs most social and economic policy around the world. The NEM, by contrast, reconstructs the very…

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Socialism is never mentioned which I find puzzling. Certainly Marxism has contributed to our understanding of economics. I have not read the books you mention although have articles on this site.

Yes, it is true, that socialism has been a major contributor to equality, labor unions, and welfare in general.