Regenerative Leadership

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The awareness of the need for widespread regeneration of our social and ecological systems is growing, but “regeneration” can mean different things for different people. How can we engage more people in a dialogue that deepens our collective understanding of the deeper significance of regeneration and its transformative potential?


Last year I participated in a ‘Ecossistem Regeneration Camp’. Its was an amazing experience with about 30 adults all comited with the same goal and vision. Great experience!
And aldough its was very focused on environment regeneration there was a lot of space to develop more ideias of regeneration, as said in the post above.

So, how to ‘promote’ this regenerative way of being?
Many people have diferent ways of learning and/or opening theyr minds and vision.
Some read books, some learn from videos and documentaries, some like workshops, university, etc.
There is a variety of ways to transmit the same information.
For us, at the Systems Change, one way can be making a few small videos about what is ‘regenerative’. Information to open eyes but also to engage and prepair people to act.

What are the changes needed? Where are the changes needed? How to act on society?