Map of German Organisations to #RethinkEconomy

If you are looking for allies in Germany, people that start to change the way we think about economy, than you can get in contact with these around 70 Initiatives, Movements, Networks and foundations which try to deconstruct the old neo-liberal image of human beings as egoistic profit-maximizers and are establishing startups and networks for a co-creative future:

Do you know similar networks/ collections for your country?

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Portugal has this map for Transition and Permaculture initiatives, it is a bit outdated (some projets are inactive), but it is still very useful: Rede Convergir

Our partners at ECOLISE also have this one: Map of initiatives - Ecolise, which draws from several sources, inclusing Rede Convergir

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@Helmut Look what I found! Maps of Alternatives - Local Futures
It would be brilliant if there was a way to turn all these separate maps into a gigantic one

Oh, that is a great collection!
(I once wrote them, asking if they could put map of tomorrow there too, but they didn’t do it yet)

Yes it is our plan to connect all of them next year, as far as they have data of creative commons.

Are you in contact with local futures?

Local Futures is one of our members, so we are in touch. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to get a hold of them since they tend to be very busy. Would you like me to try and connect you to them?

Yes, this would be great Carolina!

I just sent an email introducing you to Anja and Marjana from Local Futures and mentioning the Map of tomorrow, hope it helps!