First Alliance Members Meetup

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

This month, we are hosting our first ever monthly System Change Alliance Members’ Meetup. It will take place on Zoom, on the 29th of January, at 15:00 hours UTC. We have 296 members in 59 countries and we would love to get to know all of you!

If you want to meet other fellow aspiring system changemakers and the members of our team, discuss interesting topics and maybe even help us develop some community projects to engage with, this is the place to do it. During this first meetup, we would like to hear why you are passionate about systems change and the global issues you are most concerned about. To join the meetup, reply to this thread with “I want in!” and we will message you with all the details!

There is a limit of 20 participants, but if there is a large turn up, we will organize more sessions. So please reply to the thread if you want to be there, even if there are already more than 20 replies.

Hoping to see you soon!
Carolina, on behalf of the Systems Change Alliance Team

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Greetings of the day.
I want in!

Yours Sincerely


I hope to be there. Look forward to it


I want in.
Anne Chapman, Green House think tank


I want in.
Amina Sadiq


I want in :slight_smile:
Jessica Board