Draped behind the curtain of darkness (space)

At some point in the twentieth century there was a big pandemic for the inhabitants of the earth, but it was happening outside in space, there were space crews affected by what happened on the earth. All matters and instructions were administered from centers on the earth, so everything stopped. No one answered any more calls and did not receive Any message explaining what is going on, and the globe separated from outer space, and both worlds entered into the unknown in terms of current events. Each of them did not continue for a long time, so the space team’s decision to run its work alone, but the team did not give up in knowing what happened on the planet and kept trying and trying Communication is a vain, , The senior team team thought about converting encrypted communication into communicating sensory phenomena. There is a small team within the big team called a team above sensory phenomena.
The senior team team thought about converting encrypted communication into perceptual communication. There is a small team within the large team called a team above sensory phenomena. It has capabilities that exceed human expectations and its capabilities exceed normal. They benefit the crew with very many tasks. The daily work schedule they have is different in different airspace conditions such as the weather conditions of our planet Their tasks are many and varied. Among what they do, they analyze chemical compounds of substances in space through their brains. They see how the substance was formed and its stages of development, this and other, but the explanation for this phenomenon is through directing the energy that it invokes and directs it to a specific place to reach the desired place and then it arrives. The two energies are joined together by magnetic encoded messages, how they work, the law of the effect of energy on another energy applies to it.
During their stay in space, they accomplished several tasks successfully and with results beyond expectation, for this during the disconnection of communication from the ground center and the failure of all attempts to reach a good response. To a satisfactory result for everyone , Team captain (Mark) received a wave of energy directed by someone who was carrying a message that told him that the crew commander (Jakorn) wanted him on something. The text of the message was as follows, “I am in need of your help on something very important.” Team leader (Mark) went to see it Their next assignment and he had a feeling that it was difficult but not impossible, Mark entered, greeted Jakarin, told him to sit on the chair hung with one man. Jakaren was nervous and Mark said yes, sir did you summon me? I was in the midst of organizing this trip. I was not convinced of you as a team, and your style is not tangible, meaning that it is sensory and invisible, so you severely broke your join with us. The outer space is full. For accidents over time, Mark said, “Yes, sir. I do not blame you. We are the first team with sensory capabilities to participate in a long-range space flight. That is why, sir, we are ready for our new mission. What is our mission statement. This time it will be without a statement. It is a mission that is not our authority and not within outer space.”
Mark said, “Go on, sir.”
" Macron said ",I want to know what is going on on the planet, as you know, the connection has been cut off for a long time, and our trip is nearing the end, and I want a solution to this problem.
Mark said, "Sir, planet Earth is thousands of light years away from me, and our ability is limited. Within minutes, how will we travel all this distance to Earth
" said Jakorn, "This is your next mission, I want a means of communication with the planet.
said Mark "My sir, this is a suicide mission, and it is my duty as a team leader not to risk my team members and their safety is or an item on my list.
" Jacirn said "It is up to you to decide whether you will accept or reject, but ask yourself how long will we remain in the space of the unknown, and how much energy we have left for a while as well.

Team captain Mark: Sir, who struck madness would get what you say.
Crew Commander Macron: It is plausible that there is no solution to this problem.
Team Leader Mark: Sir, our energy is finite and we can apply it in a reasonable space, that is, within a finite field. The field is infinite, as in space. Energy in space is large and infinite. It formed billions of years ago and has great gravity. It will sweep us through its energy field like when there is a river flowing very fast and you want to stand in the middle of the river What do you expect will happen?
Crew Commander Macron: We’ll be swept away by the river.
Team leader Mark: That was the point.
Macron Crew Commander: You can go.
Team leader Mark: We are sorry that we are not yet ready for this task.
Macron Crew Leader: The mission is still on my desk. Discuss with your team the mission as you and I have engraved, and you will see how many ideas will be generated between you.

Team captain Mark as he thinks about what Crew Leader Jakren told him, He entered his room and lay down and thought about whether he would decide on behalf of his teams, or would they decide within a period of time to summon a team All members of the team received a sensory message from the outside environment (energy waves that revolve around his leader when he thinks generates a group of waves that are coded messages addressed to the person who thinks Where this is meant)
NEMA Member “When she received the message, she was standing on her head doing her daily exercise
A muggon 'member that was playing with the atoms of the substance surrounding it remodeled and every time a new element was produced
A member of Mason 'was watching how energy travels through space and reading encoded messages from energy waves
Each of the members, when receiving the message, backtracked on what each member was doing and directed his energy to a certain point in the outer medium. When the energy is concentrated in a point, it becomes a straight path, and thus the energy reaches the point where it will gather, which is the energy of the team leader, when all the energy lines reach him, it collects in cash One then the leader can expand that point larger so that it becomes like a large circle that the members can enter and talk to each other, but without the presence of the body only the energy field that generates it by thinking about any matter, everyone entered the meeting when they entered it took a specific shape according to his energy in order to facilitate the cipher analysis To sensory communication, and in this way it is easy for them to move from one place to another and enter a field that they want them to.
Nima said, 'No, you’ll get it for the replay
“And I let my little ones grow up very quickly,” Mugen said. “I’m going to miss this opportunity
After a moment, Jakiren said, and I was trying and trying to penetrate the energy field of the Earth
“I totally forgot about our planet, honestly, I’m used to a place where there is no gravitational force,” Mogan said
Nima said, 'I too got used to exercising without the force of gravity getting in and disturbing their walking
“It’s different for me,” Mason said. “Gravity doesn’t have much influence over what I do.”
“At the same time, I didn’t tell them about anything and see how it went,” Jaciren said.
,” Jacaren said "Listen what I’m going to say, all of you like to play.
Everyone said, 'Sure we like to have fun
Mason said ,You know I don’t like crazy and reckless games, so I’ll just look
Jakiren said “I agree and we will need Mickey’s ideas in developing our game,”
Mugen said ,Nima we will be entertained until the last moment
Nima replied, "I’m afraid Jakiren’s ideas are always beyond belief
Mogen replied to her, and are we under or in the middle of the reasonable?
Jakrin said Show me your attention, I want everyone of you to think about how it would move to planet Earth
Mason said why Nima said You know, I cannot and this is something beyond our energy. Moving in space is dangerous because it is at the speed of light and our energy field cannot bear that energy. It is infinite and our energy is expired.
Mugen said "Not a problem. We will expand our scope to bring it close to the end
Mason said "We are not in math class we are solving an equation and looking for solutions within its given domain
Jakiren said, " They consider it, as Maysoon said, an equation. I want to try all the solutions that exist in their scope to reach a solution. If you finish the discussion, a solution will start.
About every person to strengthen their speed to reach the speed of light in order to be able to move, but to no avail, Mason kept staring at each one of them, Mason said, "Stop, it will not work, why not charge our energy with an additional charge from outer space in order for our speed to stop at the speed of space.
Jacaren said how we will stop those waves that hit everywhere in space. She does not have an insulting direction. You can put a barrier and use it. Then what he said, you think that he struck an example of the crew leader, Mark. He told him that space is a river running and he cannot stand it. Builds a pool of energy that he can collect for a few seconds so that he can go and return
Jakiren said: " Listen, what I will say, space is a river or a valley that flows, and if I ask you to stop this river for a specific time, let us build a dam, what will you do?
Nima said We divert the riverbed and build a temporary basin so that we can build the dam
Mugen said What do we build a dam in space Then build a profile for generating energy and use it in our space life
Mason said a new idea, this is the first time that it helps us something.
Jakiren said: " It is right that the power plant will be the source of our gold and our return, when everyone will be ready.
Mugen said Why am I among them
Jakiren said Because you have ideas that are not taken lightly and everything you take is play
Mugen said But this is not a space suicide game
Jakiren said No, you will mature through this experience, and when you are on your way, I want you to see the structure of matter in space and how it developed into this way.
They made plans of action for their space path, Mugen moved to the globe. When he landed on Earth, he found no one wandering the way.
Mugen said
I told them that I did not reach such an eagerness. Everyone went when they learned of my arrival. He walked more, and found no one and everything closed. Work places except the hospital. There were several tents and ambulances everywhere beside it. He entered the tents and found many patients breathing by the artificial respiratory system and many of them were dying And many of the dead knew that this was a deadly epidemic. He approached one of the patients and focused his energy on him, he entered his body to see how this virus works and how it was built, so he was astonished by what he saw during the long journey with the substance did not see anything like this. It was difficult, so he knew that there was no antivirus to this virus. He went back to his friends and told them about it. He saw it. Everyone was amazed.
Jakrin said. This time is not like every time
Mason said, “What should we do? How will we help them?”
Nima said. Let’s all think
Mason said, why don’t we make a health bracelet linked to an app on the phone linked to the Ministry of Health? This application displays at every moment the state of the body in terms of high temperature, frequency of catharsis, blood pressure so that the person knows his health condition without going to the doctor that bracelet is sensitive new and penetrates the pores of the skin with its sensitivity and is high Precision and sophisticated.
Mugen said, “How are we going to send these things to Earth?”
Jakiren said. We will not send things, but rather we will send the ideas that circulate between us and broadcast them to a scientist. He will consider them as inspiration, but we are the ones who direct our energy to him.
Mugen said. No doubt I will be the carrier
Jakiren said. Is there someone else I trust other than you? Listen, and on your way back, I bring a blood sample with you and understand how this virus is and how it reached this strength
Mugen said. Sir I am studying material composition not virus combinations
Jakiren said. I know but in the end it’s all material.
Meanwhile, the virus was in a womb body that formed in a different way and in a different way from what is present on the ground
He carried out his mission of conveyance to the fullest, and the rest left it on the people of the land to complete the mission to the end and get out of this dark tunnel.
There is no barrier that stands in the way of good and humanitarian aid, whether on earth, in space, or on another planet. The mind is the master of situations and the body is the authority of the throne, and the hand is a servant of its authority and its master.

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