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I’d like to use this opportunity to put one of my award-winning works—on roles of humans in preserving nature—written for HOBY, Korea…


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So, I’d like to share my story—
© Vritant Kumar

Climate change is one of the most challenging problem world is facing today. This problem is given birth by humans and today it is pushing the mankind towards extinction. This problem today requires an immediate response by humans or it will take shape of something invincible. It thus becomes important that every human being play his/her role in order to control and stop climate change.
Every living creature on this planet has its roles in safeguarding the environment and maintaining its balance. Like a squirrel forgets where it has buried the nut which eventually turns to be a tree some years later, humans too have some roles to play in the nature. Here the point is not to say that it does that unknowingly but it eventually become its role in the environment and it does that well! Not only we are not playing our roles but also destructing natural balance with our so-called scientific advancements.
I’m not saying here that we should not advance in science but we should advance constructively not destructively. We can use our technologies for saving our environment and controlling climate change. We have modern technologies with which we can plant more than 100,000 trees per day in remotest of the area1. We should minimise the adverse effects of our development on nature and environment in order to control climate change. Example can be something like a Wildlife Crossings2. Our technology can also pave our way towards conserving wildlife in other ways like Radio Telemetry, Geographic Information System, GPS tagging, Remote Sensing, etc.
Today, in spite of playing our roles, we are harming and deteriorating this planet with our technology in innumerable ways. We cut forest, pollute air and water and threat wildlife and biodiversity. About 8 million tonnes of plastics end up in oceans every year. More than 1 million species are being threatened to extinction today3. Our wildlife plays an important role in preserving forest which in turn reduces climate change. But today forests are facing the most danger among all from human activities. Effects of our actions will show its hazardous effects in near future if steps are not taken on time. It is the high time we ought to realise our roles in the conservation of this planet which will ultimately end the problem of climate change.
What can be our role and plans and strategies to control climate change? First of all, our main step should be directed to stop further exploitation of resources and environment recklessly. Then only our plan for conservation of exploited things would work. What is the benefit of conserving by one hand and destructing by the other! We can do this by giving our development a new direction and definition. We should develop in a sustainable way, care for every living organism and non-living resources in our every step, adopt a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. We should make people aware about the near future if we keep going like this. We should also realise our role in preserving forests; rectifying the damages We have done to it by restoring them on time.
One of the main factors of Climate Change is global warming and the main reason of global warming are industries and factories, automobiles, etc. Here comes our another role! We should learn to use these things with justice and make sure that it does not affect natural balance in any way possible. People should be made aware that how important resources are, and their careful use as well.
We should not forget our roles and try to cross the borders nature has decided for us, otherwise we will be going towards nothing but our destruction. A simple example from our past is the case of Easter Island. Their story is very much similar to our present scenario. We should learn from our past and shape our future in a way that their fate never comes to us!
Once we will realise our roles and start to play it, the world would become a better place to live in. Long live the planet, long live the people!

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