2020 Flash Fiction Queries & Discussion

Please use this thread to ask any questions relating to the 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge: Visioning a Better World Beyond the Pandemic.

It is also a place to share your thoughts, inspirations and feedback with other participating writers.

See the Challenge page for full details.

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Should the story be a fiction or non-fiction? And should it include all the principles of the vision of Systems Change Alliance? Can you please make it clear, and also will you elaborate on the content you are expecting? Like, a brief synopsis of the content, apart from the details given in the contest page. My confusion is whether the story must be an article ( non-fiction) or a fiction. Like, must it include factual concepts or hypotheses? And can you please make clear the genre of the story? Also, is there any age limits or payment of any kind? Should the story be set in the present or in the past? I guess that’s up to us.
I am sorry if it’s a lot.

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Hi wonderwoman (great name!),
Welcome to the Systems Change Alliance Community.
Apologies for my slow reply - somehow I missed your questions here.

Your piece should be flash fiction - a short short story. We don’t need a synopsis.
You don’t need to include all the principles of what we stand for, more that one or more of them should be an inspiration for how your story unfolds.
There is no specific genre, other than flash fiction. I will post a link to an article on this genre in the following reply.
There is not age limit and no entry fee.
The time and place of your story is up to you.

I hope that covers everything. Feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

Best wishes,

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For anyone not yet familiar with the concept of Flash Fiction, you may find it helpful to read the article below before writing and submitting your piece.


Hey, Thanks about the name.And thank you, everything is clear.

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Ma’am, I had a query; can you please help me out?
The software that I’m currently using creates file in .docx format. And when I try to convert it into .doc format, it’s just gets messed up; not a single word is left legible.
So, can I mail my work in .docx format—as my priority is to submit my work privately—or I have to post it here?

Please help me out.



Hello roshni,
can i ask about the last date to send the article ? 1 october or 1 november?
thank you

Hi there,
I’m very sorry but I have only just seen your message. The flash fiction challenge closes on the 1st November. I hope you are still able to participate.

Best wishes,

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Hi, I wonder- what is the maximum length, and is this contest open worldwide?

Hi there,
The limit is 1000-1250 words. Yes, the contest is open worldwide.